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Getting Information From the Databases

     The Internet is an unbelievable cornucopia of Thoroughbred information, but the two giant Kentucky databases are still indispensable. There's no other place to go for most kinds of statistical information.
     The two are The Jockey Club Information System (Equineline) and Bloodstock Research Information Systems (BRIS), both located in Lexington, Ky. As the name shows, Equineline is a subsidiary of The Jockey Club. Bloodstock Research is a private business.
     Both of them provide pedigrees, sire records, broodmare records, race records, and other types of information in the form of computer printouts that they call "products." You have to pay for the products, and the ones the companies provide are not only quite similar in content but are almost identical in price. You can look at sample products on their websites and that will help you decide which will come closest to telling you what you want to know.
     Even if you're going to get information only rarely, the best procedure is to call one or both and set up an account. They'll give you a password that will enable you to order products online and receive a monthly bill. It's possible to pay for each product separately by credit card, but it's much better to have an account that will enable you to roam around in their websites.
     Their products vary slightly in form, and you'll find it's better to register with both of them rather than choosing one or the other. Bloodstock Research offers a daily news report called Bloodstock Journal that is free even to non-members, and it also has an online stallion directory that is surely the world's largest. It's free, too, but you have to have an account and a password before you can access it.
     Equineline provides a free report of race results in five categories: graded stakes races, non-graded stakes races, international stakes races, allowance races, and maiden races.
     You can get membership applications online for both services. For Equineline, click here. For Bloodstock Research, click here
     If you want to talk with human beings, Equineline's telephone number is (800) 333-1778. For Bloodstock Research, it's (800) 354-9206.

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