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2008 Freshman Sire Contest
Rules and Entry Form

The 2008 California Freshman Sire contest is open to everyone who submits an entry accompanied by a $25 entry fee before March 15, 2008. Entries must be received no later than March 15.

The winning prize will be all the entry fees plus $100 added by TIA plus any bonus awards that may be offered. At present, that is a one-year subscription to California Thoroughbred provided by CTBA general manager Doug Burge and a copy of the 2008 Thoroughbred Times Racing Almanac from Thoroughbred Times staff member Debbie Winick.

Stallions eligible are all those whose first foals were conceived in California in 2005 and who have stood in California every breeding season since then, including 2008.

Contestants will submit the names of five eligible stallions, ranked in the order of their predicted finish among California sires of 2008, based on total earnings by runners from that first California-conceived crop as reported in the The Blood-Horse's final first-crop sire standings for 2008.

A stallion selected No. 1 who finishes first in the standings will earn five points. A stallion selected No. 2  who finishes first or second will earn three points. A stallion selected No. 3 who finishes first, second, or third will earn one point.

The earnings of the stallion selected No. 4 will be used to break ties but will earn no points. If a tie isn't broken by the earnings of No. 4, the earnings of the stallion selected No. 5 will be used to break a tie but will earn no points.

If a tie still exists, the contest manager will improvise an imaginative means of breaking the tie.

Multiple entries by any contestant are acceptable as long as each entry is accompanied by a $25 entry fee. Only one prize will be awarded. For a list of prominent eligible stallions, click here. (It is not a complete list of eligible stallions.)

Please complete the entry form and mail it along with a check for $25 (made payable to T I A) for each entry to: T I A, 110 Golf Course Drive, #101, Rohnert Park, CA 94928. 




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