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California Freshman Sire Contest History
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The California Freshman Sire Contest was established in 2003 by Don Engel, the founder and former owner of Thoroughbred Information Agency (TIA) and This fun and competitive annual event offers cash and prizes (as well as bragging rights!) to the participants who are able to most accurately predict the leaders among California first-crop sires, based on year-end progeny earnings.

In 2009, the contest was renamed in honor of Don upon his retirement from the Thoroughbred industry.

Congratulations to our recent California Freshman Sire Contest winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Ray Hurley, Louisiana
Second-Place Prize Winner: Maricela Salmeron, California
Third-Place Prize Winner: Curt Larson, California

Grand Prize Winner: Julie Kluesener, Indiana
Second-Place Prize Winner: Bill Baker, California
Third-Place Prize Winner: Vickie Aument, California
Fourth-Place Prize Winner: Rebecca Quarles, California
Fifth-Place Prize Winner: Tammy Baxter, Idaho

Grand Prize Winner: Larry Stevens, Washington
Second-Place Prize Winner: Sue White, Connecticut
Third-Place Prize Winner: Erin Paiva, California
Fourth-Place Prize Winner: Adrian Gonzalez, California
Fifth-Place Prize Winner: Stacey Watson, California

Edward Freeman, California

Larry Stevens, Washington

Craig Allen, California

Craig Allen, California

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